1. Newbie looking to learn anything/everything to do with Rocks/Gems/Minerals!

    Hello! I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas and I've recently started diving into the world of crystal/mineral collecting! I've only just scratched the surface of this topic/hobby, so I'm hoping to learn a lot as I go! I am just curious if anyone else lives in the same state, where you typically go...
  2. Mineral Id help

    So I found this today in Masontown, PA outside of an abandoned coal mine. I was looking for kimberlite but this is all I could find. The rock has a lot of mineralization. There are some red spots which I think may be garnets. Not really sure what these blue gemstones are. My guess is either...
  3. Morristown mines and gem stones

    Hello this is my first post here. I live in Buckeye with the white tank mountains in my back yard. I do a lot of single track dirt biking in the white tanks, and then all the mountains over by lake pleasant in Morristown. While riding in a wash in Morristown I seen a small opening in this over...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help Identifying Stones.

    I dug these up in Sweetwater, TX.
  5. Western NC-- Looking for Advice!

    Howdy! My folks recently bought property in Western NC (Bevard/Hendersonville area) and I was wondering how I can trek out into the mountains and find myself some gems/minerals. I've done a good bit of Google-ing, but it seems to me that the only options available are commercial mines, which I...
  6. Massive Find - Storage Auction Buyer

    Recently got in contact with a guy that buys storage units and ended up picking up a set of over 100 rocks wrapped in newspaper from the 80s. My wife and I are amateur rock collectors, and we couldn't pass this up. The really cool thing about this collection is it seems to have belonged to a...
  7. Help identify

    Found this here in Kentucky while looking for arrowheads. Really heavy and very smooth. Found just like this just cleaned it up. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
  8. Grandfather had a rock collection. Need help with ID of these 20 rocks

    My grandfather died before I was born so not sure how or where these were obtained. At one point they were labeled. This is only a fraction of the collection, but what I am most curious about. Thought maybe 14 was Rose quartz, and 19 was tumbled Amethyst but I'm not sure. Thank you, any IDs much...
  9. Golds in rocks?

    Is this a gold?
  10. Looking for a club or prospecting partners

    Looking for a rock and mineral club/gold prospecting in or near Asheboro, NC
  11. Does this look like gold in this Smokey/Clear Quartz ?

    I can usually always tell but i really dont want to crush it and i dont want to crack it. I found that while prospecting for gold in Northern Virginia, Goldvien area part of the gold belt? I've had it for 4 years now and I'm still wondering, I know it's just a pic but I hope someone can identify...
  12. Need help w these rocks!

    All I did was wash them so far. Just wondering what they are && I don't have a magnet or anything else with me to test them. The one on top has what looks like metal Bob's on the top. And green inside. And the middle one had a thin crust and is heavy. And the bottom is blue/green inside. Thanks...
  13. Help identifying these rocks and minerals please!

    I have a vague idea for some of these but for the most part I'm stumped, I bought a small collection recently and have been looking through my collection from when I was really young and these are the last ones I have to identify. Please let me know if I need to take more pictures or provide...
  14. Rocks from Greenland, can you help identify?

    its much harder to id rocks so not having much luck on google.
  15. Identification Please!

    I could not navigate back to where it said identifications could be made with photo. I figured I would start here. Can anyone tell me if this is orange calcite and also what are the green crystals formed within it? Peridot, diopside?? It looks light in color to be diopside... Any insight...
  16. ✅ SOLVED Identification help please

    Hello, First time posting. I have several items that I cannot identify. I found your site and hope that someone can tell me what some of these things are, if anything. I would appreciate any information or comment that you may have.
  17. Please help Identify the minerals in this geode

    Hi, I bought this geode from a RenFest a few weeks ago and cracked it open. I have been hanging out there a while watching other people crack theirs open to see whats inside. When I opened mine they were surprised to see what was inside. They told me it was a rare geode and a great find. They...
  18. Is this .25 cent rock RED LAVA???

    Hello. I found this rock at a thrift shop. It looks like it might be lava rock. (Sorry for the bad photos... the color looks like the darker picture rather than the close ups)
  19. Need help identifying a Rock I found

    Hello everyone, I found this Little Rock on my property in Texas while I was gardening, anyone have an idea of what it is?
  20. So i bought 3 and a half, 50 gallon barrels, of 2 life collections..need help on id?

    So i bought three and a half fifty gallon barrels from this older fellow who said "back 25 years ago i bought these off of a few fellows who had been collecting them all their lives from many different places" I am still sorting through. But, i am kinda lost at what a lot of them are? i have...