1. Anyone figure out the text here?

    I traded for a bunch of stuff which included this old ripped painting (possibly watercolour) but am having trouble deciphering the text or anything about it. I thought the title read "La Petite souer" as in, the little sister in french, but this didn't help my search. It's obviously a numbered...
  2. Any help with this artwork?

    I'm not sure if it is painted on canvas or what. Does anyone have any idea about this? It appears the name may be Ferguson on here (not for certain). Any way I can identify the name of the artwork and the artist who did it? Thank you for your help!
  3. Painting Identification

    Happy Holidays!! Can anyone help identify this painting? I'm unable to read the name. Does anyone have an idea what the name says? I so greatly appreciate it!
  4. 19th century painting sitter and painter id help needed

    I need help is possible identification of the sitter (European? American?) and the signature is unclear to me. Can anyone recognize this woman artist? Oil on canvas portrait of a Victorian lady Signed & dated 'Clara Urnika Pinx' '1864' mid right. Size 43 x 31" overall 50 x 38" in a...
  5. Old Oil Painting of Constitution Ship.... with UFO overhead? Or, Am I Crazy?

    This morning, I found this lovely oil painting of a ship. Size: ~11"x17" (fyi: I removed the painting from the frame to photograph it.) It is signed with initials, ARA or AGA or AEA? On the back of wood frame, it appears to have "Constitution" ? written in pencil on the frame which I...
  6. Chinese chop mark identify

    I inherited a picture made by a chinese person. It has a chinese chop mark and a signature on it. I hope someone here can identify it for me? Many thanks
  7. REMBRANDT style ART drawling! Help ID and info! OLD

    Hello all, I moved my post here from the ART section (1 its a thrift find , to the ART section is barley active :icon_scratch:) I got very lucky today and happen to come across this, I'm pretty familiar with Art and Artist , but not as knowledgeable as others , hopefully some of you can help...
  8. REMBRANDT style drawling! Help ID and info! Amazing find

    Hello all I got very lucky today and happen to come across this, I'm pretty familiar with Art and Artist , but not as knowledgeable as others , hopefully some of you can help. When I saw this I could not put it down, it looked too old and reminded me of an Artist.... Then it hit me, it looks...
  9. Pre Castro, 1958 Cuba Oil Painting, Havana, MJ Crowley, Your feedback welcome.

    My most recent find... oil painting from Cuba. I found it at bottom of trash bin. Signed by artist: M J Crowley on lower left; also, marked on backside "Church, Havana, Cuba, Oct 1958" and signed M J Crowley. Oil on art board Dimensions: Approximately 16inx20in Scene: Church in Havana with...
  10. Any information on this artist please

    Thanks in advance :)
  11. What am I supposed to do with this...?

    I'm new to this forum, and fairly new to diving. I have a few friends who are experienced and give me great pointers and everything, but none of them could have prepared me for what I found this morning... I was nearing the end of a decent morning with a never - been - used Swiss Gear backpack...
  12. Unknown artist

    I have been trying to find the artist of this painting and have had no luck, can anyone help me? Thanks!
  13. ✅ SOLVED Cherubs, Piano and Mary?

    Does anyone know what this piece is depicting and who is the artist? There doesn't seem to be any visible signatures but I have not taken it apart for fear of destroying it. It appears to be very old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Mysterious Signed Painting

    Driving home from my day at the beach (looking for treasures), and found this large canvas painting on the side of the road. It's signed but I don't know if it's worth anything. What do y'all think?
  15. Help to ID this painting.

    I am the last person to know much about fine art. My grandmother has had this picture as long as I can remember (30 yrs +). She recently gave it to me. It has a signature "Bill Bliss" in the lower right corner. I googled him (William Bliss Baker) and couldn't find this painting. It is 24 inches...
  16. help identify this mid-century Caribbean oil scene

    hello all, this is my favorite recent thrift store pick, paid $10: appears to be a Caribbean harvest scene. seems to be the work of a fairly skilled hand; quite a bit more dedicated than what i'm used to with a lot of "folk" and "outsider" art (which I will probably end up listing it as it...
  17. Old Painting. Artist: Shisle? Turn of the Century? Feedback Welcome!

    Picked up this old painting today. I think it is turn of the century / Victorian but not sure. Check out the artist signature-- Anyone recognize it? It looks like Shilsle? On the back is a sticker that I hope will help date it but I don't recognize it. Your feedback is welcome. Any guesses?