1. 1870's Tintype Found Hidden Inside Picture Frame

    I bought this framed picture of a fighter pilot for $1 at a church swap sale today: Opened up the frame later at home to see if there was a name or any other identifying information for him, but instead found this even older photograph hidden inside: The tintype is 8.5" × 6" and depicts a...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Found Photo Negative - Troops? Re-Enactment?

    Need your help to identify picture. Found this little photo or film negative in a junk yard box. No date. Nothing to identify it. I reversed and lighten the negative to show the image. Looks like it is possibly a re-enactment or boy scouts or troops? What do you think is going on...
  3. Vintage Photograph stamped: "Hammer Nitrate". Ever hear of it?

    I found this old photo negative of a house. It is mysteriously stamped on the side: Hammer-Nitrate Size: ~ 5"L x 7"W I'm curious if the stamp might relate to a silver nitrate or cellulose nitrate photo process. :icon_scratch: I'd love your feedback or info. Thx for your help. Here...
  4. Civil War or later?

    I bought an old photo album yesterday that contained several tintypes as well as many cabinet cards, etc. There was one photo of a uniformed soldier holding a sword, but I don't have the expertise to determine whether this is a Civil War period photo or not. Can anyone please help? Thanks so...
  5. Old photo , does it have a meaning

    Does anybody have any idea why this cabinet photo would have an inverted heart border. There is not an overlay on the photo, but it was developed this way. Thanks y'all!
  6. 1929 photo of an Airplane w/ Miss America and Pilots. Help Indentify Plane / Pilots?

    Today, I found a photograph under glass in a wood frame of Miss America, Miss Sarasota, Miss St Petersberg, Miss Clearwater etc and some unknown men possibly pilots. The photograph is signed and dated: Burgert Bros, 3/1929. Miss America must be from 1927 (Lois Delander) because it was the...
  7. Need help identifying military vehicle 1922

    Id like to find out about this vehicle. Any help is always appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Old car photograph and trucks

    Who can tell me what make, model and approximate year these vehicles are. As always, thanks for your help!
  9. ✅ SOLVED Is This a Fake or Real Daguerrotype of a Bartender? Bakelite Case?

    I picked up this case this morning in a junk pile. I thought it was a novelty plastic daguerreotype of a fake bartender but when I removed the photo, I noticed vintage labeling underneath. So, can I conclude it's real vintage? Do you think the case could be Bakelite? Could the frame...
  10. Trick for taking closeup images with a cellphone

    I just thought I'd share this to help other folks out. I've got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It's got a 16mp camera. It's a darn fine camera. I have a clip on macro lens, that is very similar to this one. That makes taking pics of small things even better. But you know what I do to take really...
  11. Mines, Ontario CN about 1909

    These were part of a bag of negatives taken about 1909. I do not know the history of the area.

  13. Salvador Dali my secret life black and white photo hand signed

    I purchased this framed black and white Dali mustache portrait at Southbank Gallery in Pittsburgh about 15 years ago. I have a certificate from the gallery but I know that doesn't carry weight. I was thinking about selling this, do you think it would be more of a hassle getting it appraised...
  14. Help

    Im new to this site and have a few photos of what i THNK are artifacts and would like to see if someone could help me determine if they do i upload the photos??
  15. Everybody loves cats!

    Here I am last Halloween. LOL OK here is my alter ego by Superstition Mountain.
  16. USB Microscope for coin pictures

    I am looking for a microscope USB camera to take close ups of coins. I saw a brand called Dinoscope. It's really expensive, $400+. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper option? Any and all help is appreciated.