1. I found her at an auction, but who is she?

    Hi All, This is my first post. I'm so excited about this community! I found this sculpture at an auction, and they gave absolutely no information on it. It's signed '81 Alva Lado. My research has come up with Alva as the Alva Museum Replicas Inc. in New York. Lado Goudjabidze was the art...

    Is this a Native American relic? [/ATTACH] [/ATTACH] I found this rock in the Rio Grande Vally in Harlingen, Texas. It was on the bank of Colorado River Arroyo.
  3. cardinal rock fossil

    found what looks like a small cardinal with bright red coloration and bright orange beak with the black features on the face and mohawk typical to most american cardinals. not sure if it is a fossil or some kind of indian art.
  4. Goodwill Treasure

    Shaking my head after some lengthy research once again, sometimes I overwhelm myself weighing pros and cons. (I have Asperger's) lol. After a good 30 minutes of digging around the store I was ready to check out a couple things, then decided to take one more look in the "collectible/figurine"...
  5. Identify: LaMonThe 97© "Egg" Sculpture

    I was wondering if anybody had any information on this strange sculpture; it appears to be made of clay. I bought it at a thrift shop as it looked really strange, it was also cheap. If you have any idea of the value I would also appreciate it, thanks.
  6. Metal Tiger World War II Henry ID

    Recently acquired this metal tiger with Henry 1940-41 signed on the bottom and can't seem to find anything about the artist. Item is heavy but not sure what it is made of. Magnet does not stick to it. Would appreciate any help with information on the artist etc. Thanks