1. Drilling/Boring Companies

    Hey guys. I work in documentary development and am wondering if any drilling/boring companies out there are also searching for treasure (other than the Oak Island guys). Let me know if you have a lead!
  2. Bronze Portholes

    Bronze Portholes

    I recovered these three portholes from the site of an old forgotten shipwreck on April 6th 2024. They consist of two seven-inch portholes and one five-inch porthole. All found resting in alignment with eachother from where the wreck disintegrated in place around them. They are all still operational.
  3. Found a Shipwreck - Portholes Salvaged

    Got a tip from an old man that there was once an old wooden yacht sunk in the area. Found the rough location on the map and went out at low tide to investigate. Found two seven-inch brass portholes still aligned with where the vessel must have been resting on its side. Then found a third...
  4. Found on beach, possible coin?

    Hello, I found this on Coin Beach in Delaware, it rolled up to me in a wave, and I'm wondering if it's something or how to find out? I don't want to damage it anymore than I possibly already have and it's so encrusted. A chunk came off and it looks like it removed the top a bit in travel...
  5. Gov. Cooper signs bill repealing ‘Blackbeard’s Law’; videographer continues litigation against state

    “The repeal came after eight years of litigation and is apparently triggered by the State’s realization that it had no legitimate defense to at least one of the federal court claims: that Blackbeard’s Law was a constitutionally prohibited ‘Bill of Attainder’ — a bill that targets and harms an...
  6. Ship nails or spikes in Abacos...any ideas what they could be??

    Hi friends, I’m new to treasure hunting so while I’ve been in the Abacos, I’ve been putting my Beach Hunter ID to good use! The past couple of days, I’ve come across a couple different types of nails or spikes, not sure what they are and I could use your help in trying to figure out how old they...
  7. Bronze Rudder I Salvaged

    A few months back at low tide, as the sun was setting, I discovered a red bronze boat rudder that had been broken off at the shaft. I excavated it from the mud and carried it 1/4 of a mile through rough watery terrain. Then at home I cleaned it up. Initially believing it to be fairly old I...
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Ships Spike? Found on the beach in Masssachusetts Bay

    Any idea how old this might be? We found it completely encrusted except for the jagged end. It's hard to tell whether this broke off or this is the entire spike. Pictures include multiple sides and size. The "chunk" is where the head was encrusted.
  9. Intersal, Inc. - Contract – Shipwreck Salvage – Media Rights - Queen Anne's Revenge

    The plaintiff - Intersal, Inc. argues that, after it spend a decade locating the wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR), the parties entered into a contract (the 2013 Agreement) to govern the treatment of the digital media and other matters related to the QAR but that the North Carolina...
  10. Help! Old anchor shipwreck?

    Hello,We have this old anchor pulled up in a fishing net off the south coast of England. Is there any way of telling how old it is or what type of boat it was used on? Thanks!
  11. Help dating anchor please!

    Hello, We have this old anchor pulled up in a fishing net off the south coast of England. Is there any way of telling how old it is or what type of boat it was used on? Thanks!
  12. North Carolina Faces New Federal Claims in Blackbeard Copyright Case

    The infamous pirate Blackbeard was once the scourge of the Atlantic but over 300 years later a different kind of pirate sails North Carolina’s waters. And a case heard at the United States Supreme Court has returned to Raleigh. On February 8th, 2023, filmmaker Frederick Allen of Nautilus...
  13. Source for Ideas?

    Hello TreasureNet, I am a relative newbie to this forum although have been interested in lost valuables for many years. I've been lurking on this site for a few months reading up on details of various shipwrecks which I find so fascinating but only recently created an account. I appreciate the...
  14. More weird wood from cape disappointment forest / ocean intersect

    I do not know what is going on here or what it has been through but this was a few rocks up and it had weird cuts and carvings , is obviously old and I think where I found it is where kids go hide to chug the beers they stole from the cooler.
  15. I found a lot of interesting wood today humor me - shipwreck timber? Driftwood?

    I saw this floating in at low tide with a bunch of sea weed so I chased it down. It stunk and the little barnacles poked me but that’s what I get for being grabby. There was a lot of moss on it. It’s a really rich color.
  16. Hi, I'm new to this website. Here's is some of my best finds

  17. SS Clara Nevada Shipwreck - anyone looking for the treasure?

    Hi all, I recently found out about the wreck of the SS Clara Nevada in Alaska in 1898. It's a really interesting and confounding mystery. Supposedly there was gold in the ship when it sunk. Has anyone here tried to find the wreck? Had any successes? Anyone have opinions about the wreck?
  18. Found these shipwreck artifacts at a thrift store...

    The store was a couple miles from Lewes, Delaware. They are in a shadowbox sort-of frame. Think there's any chance these are legitimate? How would this family have gathered them?
  19. Possible Shipwreck Treasure in North Carolina

    Found this in the sand beaches of North Carolina today. It to me looks like a skull at the top in Black and then a bronze possibly claw or tooth attached. The gold like metal sparkles in the black seem different than the bronze part. I'm very new to this so any suggestions or guidance would be...
  20. Who Owns Legal Salvage Rights for Shipwreck?

    Hello everyone. Curious to find out about salvage rights. Hypothetical question. If a ship breaks up into small parts as it goes down and is scattered on the ocean floor, and the exploration team discover only part of the wreck. Do they still get to claim salvage rights over the entire...