1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Ships Spike? Found on the beach in Masssachusetts Bay

    Any idea how old this might be? We found it completely encrusted except for the jagged end. It's hard to tell whether this broke off or this is the entire spike. Pictures include multiple sides and size. The "chunk" is where the head was encrusted.
  2. Old heavy iron spike SW Florida

    Very heavy iron spike found today in SW Florida where the Gulf of Mexico meets 10,000 islands. Thoughts? The inside is square (it is broken) so it appears to be hand made.
  3. Old square spike from Illinois

    Square spike found in old Illinois town several inches underground. Any ideas to age? seems square and irregular. top seems to be rose shaped.
  4. 8 in nail or spike confusion

    My dad had me look at this today. I told him I would try to find something out about this. I hope you can see it well, it measures 8.5 inches against the ruler. It has horizontal ridges cut into it below the head (but not on all sides, just one I think) and some at the tip.I saw one very similar...
  5. Civil War spike

    Trying to find Civil War relics for my nephew, and came across this listing on eBay, which is purportedly a tent stake dug from the Antietam battlefield. I have a few concerns, not the least of which is that Antietam is misspelled on the tag and the listing. I know most CW tent stakes were...
  6. Metal Spike From Florida Beach

    Hi all - was wondering if anyone had any insight into what this is. It is definitely metal, possible iron due to its rusty appearance. No markings whatsoever. Found in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
  7. What kind of spike is this?

    Hello All, I found this today while beach combing off the east coast of NC and am wondering if anyone knows what type of spike this is and what was it used for. It appears to be either brass or bronze. Very well preserved and its about 3 inches long. Much appreciation.
  8. Brass ship spike/nail? Found on Beach 0.3 Nautical Miles Downstream from Sloop Wreck

    Yesterday, I posted a thread here called a Few Whatsits and Two Bullets from Beach near Coast Guard. One of the items I asked for help identifying in particular now stands out after I read one of the responses I received: Icewing told me this may be a broken old brass ship's spike or...
  9. Cannon Swivel?

    found this item and 2 other iron pieces encrusted in about 2-3 inches of coral. I'd like to know what it came from as there are no documented wrecks near where i found these items. thanks
  10. Outer Banks Copper/Brass Spike

    I found this item in about a foot of water, low tide, Atlantic Ocean, on the Outer Banks of NC. It was found a couple days ago. Not sure exactly what it is. 29 yrs. of beachcombing, my best find.
  11. spike?

    Here is a resent find, It is brass, 5ins long, hand made with a very sharp point and would have had a wooden handle. the pointed end is round and 31/4 ins long. Any ideas? Dave.