Middle-Eastern Signs and Symbols


May 16, 2012
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Good day to everyone :D

I would like to ask if anyone has extensive knowledge on Ottoman Turks, Jewish, and roman signs and symbols..???

I am from Jordan and we have a huge number of sites where there are many markings and symbols that lead to many findings (gold and silver coins, gold statues and relics).

Basically Jordan is built on many civilizations and there are many villages that are built on ruined cities that are either (Greek, roman, jewish, or ottoman turks).

Help is needed or if you can refer me to someone who might know anything about this region and its past civilizations (of course I am doing my part in reading and studying).

photographs of what you need "translated" would be a huge help my freind --jordon as with most of the middle east has a long history of warfare between both foreign troops fighting other foreign troops ( like WW2) and foreign troops fighting local native groups (like the crusades and other "old wars" )- it was a common practice in the old days to bury ones money and jewelry before going into battle --so that if your side lost and you ded in battle that the enemy would not "gain" any wealth off your dead body ---so likely camping places near the old battlefeild areas would most likely be good spots to look for such hidden "soilder cache's"

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thanks guys hopefully over the weekend i will have all the signs that i need to be deciphered, but the thing is that we are not talking about a small cave or graves were talking about cities beneth cities which is very hard to deal with.

what is really frustrating is when digging you would find Jewish and Turkish Symbols or greek or roman at the same area (so kinda cities beneath other cities)...!!!

yes Ivan i agree mostly thats what some people have found so far that would not dig too much for it ( 1 meter ), sometimes when they are plouing the land they would find like a necklace or a arrow or sword.

hopefully when the weekend comes ill take all the pics needed ASAP..:D

thanks again guys looking forward for your help :)


When you put some pictures for us.....make sure we will not save any help we could present.

Nice to meet you man

well being in america * for the most part its not fiscally cost effective to go to jorden to treasure hunt -- unless its one huge treasure cache -- that said their are more than one set of "eyes" watching any and everything you do via computer these days -- if you think otherwise you are deeply mistaken. -- govts watch -, other "local" competing treasure hunters watch , (some folks post photos of where they found cool stuff --only to go back later on and find what they thought of as their "secert spot" looking like a minefeild (because some one looking at their "photo" figgered out where it was located. )

so do not do "pictures' with the background landscape visible and "disable" the gps if using a cell phone or the gps location will be "logged in" on the photo

one must "safeguard" ones knowledge from prying nosy theiving eyes , so that only those we want to see it --see it.

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Ivan, the govts nowadays is very busy with wars especially in Syria...and busy with satisfying their people because of the Arabian Spring events........

So, It's free for everything man :laughing7: they don't need a spark to burn them :skullflag:

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