1. Vase / Oil Canister?

    Hello, I'm here to request information on this object, My family found this in South Carolina many years ago. It's been in the house for some time. We never got any information on what this object was or is. This object was found In the coastal marsh. Due to the area's history, I thought it...
  2. Cinese Vase no markings?

    Picked this up the other day. Wondering if anyone could give me a rough date and price and any other info. Theres no stamp or any other makers mark on it. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Studio Pottery Vase?

    Can anyone help me identify the mark shown on this vase?
  4. Got this Enamel Vase today, not sure who the maker could be. Could someone help?

    Got this Enamel Vase today, not sure who the maker could be. It's very nice and want to have an idea where to look unless someone recognizes it. There are 2 identical marks on bottom.
  5. Identification help, please

    Hello all, New to the site and wanted to see if anyone can help me identify these vases. I know that they are not Royal Crown Derby but any help would be great.
  6. ✅ SOLVED Anyone know anything about this green vase?

    Can anyone help identify this vase? I don't see any words or markings other than what you can see in the picture. Most likely purchased by my grandmother between 1930 and 1970.
  7. Help Identify Type and Artist Name?? Navajo pottery?

    Anyone know anything, or can you read the name? Thanks
  8. nuka glaze vase /blue stoneware vase WVB signed? Help Identify please!It's a bueaty

    nuka glaze vase /blue stoneware vase WVB signed? Help Identify please!It's a beauty Hey guys Hope you all are doing well! I picked up this Vase along with another one(post that one later) at a goodwill several months ago. It is VERY Beautiful actually enjoying it as a decorative. I have a Good...
  9. What information do you know about this?

    I am going through items of a passed family member and selling them for her estate. I came across this vase which she always talked about donating to a museum, and I was wondering if anyone could share any information they may have on this piece. The only marking reads "schneider" but I can't...
  10. Blue green ceramic vase greek?

    Picked this ceramic vase up thrifting. It has what looks like a thin blue glaze with some green mixed in on the outside and inside. There is a floral pattern engraved with some greek looking trim around the top. I don't have a clue as to what it is or where it originated. Any help is...
  11. ✅ SOLVED Need help identifying the mark on this unusual Delft(?) vase with cover

    Hello :hello: I was wondering if someone would be able to help me out. I am in the process of restoring this vase I have recently acquired and despite numerous days of researching I just seem to be hitting dead ends in regards to identifying the mark underneath. I initially thought it was a...
  12. ✅ SOLVED Help Identifying Old Purple Line Blown Glass Bottle??? Anybody Have Info? Age?

    Hello, I found this bottle at a yard sale a few days ago. Its 11 & 1/4 inches tall and is very heavy. i cannot find a makers mark anywhere on it. I'm not sure if the top would have had some type of cover or if could even be a vase? :dontknow:I have never seen anything like it before and was...
  13. Vase identification

    Could n e 1 help me with these 2 vases. Thank you
  14. ✅ SOLVED Please help me identify this VASE (in a pair)

    My mum has TWO of these vases.. they are both exactly the same and have been in our family for a long time (at least 100 years), but no one has any idea where they came from or who acquired them.. We are from New Zealand originally but they look oriental? They measure approx. 13 inches tall by...
  15. Vase -what is it

    Hello Hoping someone can help me solve what type of vase this is for my dear grandmother. Oh, there are no markings. Thanks
  16. Identify this vase?

    Hello, I need help identifying this vase I recently obtained. It only has one marking which is on the inside of the vase at the top(as seen in the picture), I also took a picture of the based although there isn't anything significant on it I believe. Please help identify it and maybe do a price...
  17. Help to identify this particular vase

    Help to identify this particular vase. It was found in a flea market. its particular shape attracted my interest. It has been found in Italy. I posted photos of all the details to help you to identify it. Has a double body, it has a grid exterior, while inside is solid. Are represented flowers...
  18. Bronze or Brass Vase Art Nouveau?

    I have looked around the internet and have been unable to find anything like this. I would appreciate any help I can get identifying it. Thank you. It is about 10 inches height and 6 inches width. I put a magnet on it and it does not stick so I think it is bronze. The maker's mark appears on...
  19. Help identifying a vase please

    I recently picked this item up at a house sale in Derbyshire, England. I am not sure I am in the right place so if anyone has any suggestions on where it might be from or where I could find out that would be very helpful. The vase has only one marking on the base which I have pictured, a single...
  20. Raku vase - recognize signature?

    could anyone help me identify the signature on this Raku vase? Thank you.