1-LEGGED MAN steals Camper RV from REST STOP & takes State Police on chase - FLIPS vehicle in median

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Dec 19, 2003
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MY Take: another Confusing Police Chase ? shades of Roscoe P Coltrane :laughing9:
if you still dare ! Scroll to about the 41:00 minute mark and save yourself a large waste of time.
Not that there is Much Left, This 1 Legged Guy apparently Jumped in & they wasted
over 40 Minutes Watching. yelling at him, "get out with your Hands Up !" 1 Leg ? That would be a Trick. and pointing guns while Piling up Backup. & apparently they fell asleep. He stole the Camper & all of a Sudden They Run all over Creation wrecking etc. till they find where he Rolled it Over ? Aaaah I Googled the Coordinates Tennessee

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