12th Annual Treasure Hunters Cookout POSTPONED!


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Jul 12, 2005
Sebastian, Florida
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Regrettably, Bill Black and I have been forced to postpone the 12th Annual Treasure Hunters Cookout. The Coronavirus has taken over every aspect of our lives including this cookout. We have quite a few elderly treasure hunters that could find this their last cookout should they attend. We don't want that! Food and supplies are questionable. The governor has shut down all the hotels in the Keys and threatens to close more. Beaches are being closed off and Bars and restaurants being closed or limited. There is also the rumor that the governor might call up the National Guard to break up gatherings of more than 50 people even on private property. Therefore, we have no choice but to postpone and arrange a future date when the threat has passed. Bill and I will let everyone know as soon as we settle on one. Hopefully, you folks traveling long distances and are to stay in hotels will have enough time to cancel out without any out of pocket expenses.


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Jul 19, 2013
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I detect the history: I've visited archives up & down the entire US East Coast, Bahamas, Jamaica, Kew, The Hague, etc. Have yet to go to Seville or S.American archives.
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Good call. Don't fret. Go & "fish ye wrecks" in the meantime.

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