14oz of solid mushroom gold :)


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Jul 4, 2016
Central MI
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E-Trac, Equinox 800, Go-Find 66, ACE 250
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Found 14oz of Morel mushrooms tonight!


Thanks for looking!
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Jan 13, 2017
northeast Ohio
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Beautiful bunch of Morels. I hunt a park where they grow every year in the same exact spot. I can usually get a dozen or so. The problem is the park workers start their mowing at the same time the morels pop up. The timing has got to be perfect. I envy your finds!


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Mar 22, 2003
Illinois / Oklahoma
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Nice job. I went out yesterday for the last time this year. Our season is over. Boy that was a quick 3 weeks.


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Feb 21, 2008
Great Lakes State
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I’ve found patches of 40-50 several times, but never in the same spots again.
My uncle just returned from northern Mich. with 21 pounds worth, he does great every year. They had offers of up to $100/lb to sell ‘em this time but is $100 really worth it? Lol.


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May 9, 2012
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I'm pretty sure that the pointy one is NOT a morel. And the 3 small ones to the left of it look to be smaller versions of this non-morel.
Looky here, them's blacks. And you didn't mention there is one more to the right of the larger one.

Blacks are the early birds here in Mi.. The first morels of the season.
As they taper off , other morels start up. There are overlaps.
The biggest black in the picture is an example of what shape late blacks take when they've got about as big as they're going to get. Getting a little grainy in the flesh.
The other blacks are "fresher" /younger.

Check out the stems on the blacks to the left.
Compare to similar sized capped morels to farther right. Big difference in the non blacks.
Those are big footed whites.

Smokeys. Blacks. Greys. Yellows , Whites. Some are probably the same .

False morels have hollow stems like morels. But stems are not contiguous with caps. Look at a real morel cut in half lengthwise to understand the difference.

Then there are the convoluted brain looking mushrooms.
I'll leave descriptions of them and others like "Half -Frees" be for anyone looking to pick to research thoroughly.

But Squirrel got him a mess of morels in varied stages of timing and type.
Had he doubted one he could open it with a blade to confirm.

Congrats Squirrel!
Way to dry along the road here where I check every year.

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