1808 Draped Bust 1/2 Cent dug today.

Jerry Hull

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May 4, 2012
Clayton, Delaware
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1808 1-2 Cent.JPG

Not sure of the value or grading of this coin, but its my first 1/2 cent ever and I found it with my Garrett AT Pro.

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Most likely $20-$40 range? but there is a variety that is a 8 over a 7 (1808 over 1807) that is worth more, $100 to $200. Of course these are non dug prices so most dug coins are worth less:sad10:. But congrats on finding such a early piece of American History, Can you get a pic of the back? :thumbsup:

Yours looks like the Cohen 3 Common Variety, but a pic of the back will give a better answer on the variety. :thumbsup:

She's a beauty!! Value wood b pricless to me.. Half cent is on the want list. CONGRATS. HH

Congrats on your first half cent. I dug an 1808 1/2 cent about 6 weeks ago, but not as nice as yours.

Here is the best shot I could get of the back. There is detail, but difficult to read because of the mineral buildup.

Back of 1-2 cent.JPG

The reverse is not as in great shape as the obverse, but for 204 years old i bet i wouldn't be either! It's hard to tell looking at the reverse to clarify the variety but just by looking at the obverse where the 8 is higher then the rest of the date that tells me its a Cohen 3. The Cohen 1 and Cohen 2 which has the 8 over 7, has the numbers in the date somewhat all straight a crossed. Again congrats on the Half-Cent!:thumbsup:

Half cents are rare around my part of the Country, I have only found one in 12 years of hunting.

That one would look good in my collection. Congrats on a great find.

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