1853 Three Cent Silver


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Apr 15, 2013
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Minelab CTX3030 & XP Deus with a Whites TRX and Garrett Pro Pointer
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I had never seen one and had to look it up. I went out in the snow a bit today. It is rare we get snow but after being inside for a few days I had to get out. I am glad I did . This thing hit under the normal penny range on my XP Deus at 12khz it was ringing a solid 75. At 18khz it was showing around 81. The coin was approximately 5-6 inches down. I am not sure if the snow was my good luck or my dog going. My dog Rusty was pawing the ground as I pin pointed it like he was saying... That's a good target! I think he was going to dig it if I didnt.....


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Those are sweet coins! I would love to pop one of those beauties out. Congrats!

I found one two summers ago shortly after getting into this kinda stuff. I thought it was some kind if religious token til I saw united states lol. Noobs lol

Good dog Rusty! :)

You might want to do some testing with your pup. He just might be able to smell silver!!! Wouldn't THAT be a kick!?!? LOL

Just have him point them out. :)


Nice job! I found one many years ago, and if I recall at the time,I did't know what it was either! They are so small and thin, it's hard to believe it's a coin! Congrats :icon_thumright:

Last year I found a small Mexican 1882 2 Centovos coin that looked similar because it was so dirty. At first I thought I had found a trime. They are about the same size, but very different.

Holy smokes! I'm on the lookout for one of those! Even with the hole, she's a beauty!

Great find - Congratulations!!!! :occasion14:

Great find!- Been at this 22 years and have yet to find one. Congrats and continued success!


These are sometimes called a Trime (rhymes with dime ) or a Fishscale. As I understand it, yours is a type 1 which was from 1851-1853, which has 75% silver and 25% copper. The trimes made from 1854 and after were types 2 & 3 and were 90% silver and 10% copper. I've collected a few, but have yet to find one metal detecting, but's its on my to dig list. Congrats, very nice find for so small a target!:thumbsup:[h=1][/h]

One of my wish for coins. great find!

Never give up!

Dang! you made me go and dig mine out of my coin box. It's a '53 also. Haven't looked at it in years. I remember it being small and thin, but D*** . this thing is tiny! I can see why this coin could be lost fairly easy. Once again, congrats on a great find!

Always listen to your dog. They are way smarter than people!

Nice coin! That one is still on the list for me!! Congrats!

You might want to do some testing with your pup. He just might be able to smell silver!!! Wouldn't THAT be a kick!?!? LOL

Just have him point them out. :)


Yes it would! He is smart... A golden retriever / toller mix. A bit much mischievous though.... I thought he was just wanting to steal my pin pointer but he may have a need for it lol .

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