1. Double Silver Score!

    Hello! Been AGES since I've posted. Scored 25 cent silver spoon at a thrift store. Possibly 2 silver ones. Can anyone help me identify the small Dutch one? Is it silver or not? Has markings but not sure. I know the other is (even though it looks goldish for some reason) because it says Sterling...
  2. First silver of 2023!

    First silver of 2023!

    1963 silver Washington Quarter from the ocean. Found January 2nd 2023.
  3. Coinstar: 4 Silver Quarters

    Coinstar: 4 Silver Quarters

    A chance discovery at the supermarket. Four silver Washingtons mixed in with a collection of other rejected coins.
  4. Silver again!! Awesome Land hunt after an awesome beach hunt today

    Had an awesome beach hunt for low tide I posted early in todays finds and during high tide I went to one of my favorite local parks that puts out relics and silver
  5. 6E482204-D67A-4275-B5F3-A84B3E13892A.jpeg


    Silver earring
  6. Giant Silver Score at Work!

    Hello! I was lucky enough to find this chunky 16 gram silver bracelet at work. Unfortunately the customer didn't come back for it for 3 weeks. So I got to take it home. It looks homemade...hammered. no markings. 100% sure it's silver but not positive if it's only plated, or soild sterling. Any...
  7. Silver at Thriftstore!

    Hello folks! It's been a long while since I've posted. Been into thrifting vintage items to re-sell. Found this spoon....does anyone knkw if its silver or silver plated?! It says "Sterling" then AMC and another letter i cant see. On the bowl of the spoon it says Clear Lake which is a poplar...
  8. Two Months, Two Morgans

    At the end of March, I was detecting a beach which had a lot of activity during the late 1800s into the 1940s. Many great coins have been found there by others over the years, but this was my first time swinging there. I was walking around, dealing with highly mineralized sand and a blanket of...
  9. One of my BEST days. 5 silver day!

    This was a hunt 1 month ago. 2 bucket list day for me. Same spot where I got the buttons on my previous post. This has just been an amazing spot. I am quite proud as I have taught myself to dig in heavy iron with my Equinox 800. I went to a silversmith to see if I can get the wings unfolded. She...
  10. Found some nice WW2 buttons and a couple of tax tokens.

  11. Lone dime

    Went shopping for tea at a local HEB where the CS is empty every time I previously checked. Got my first luck of '22, first and best for now at this particular Coinstar. I've always thought I'd get a better chance at finding foreign than rejected clad or silver. But you'd never know what...
  12. Mystery find

    Mystery find

    Found this on an old beach in the northeast not sure what it is
  13. Thrift store silver!

    I've always heard stories about people finding Sterling silver in thrift stores but I've never seen any in all my years of thrifting until today. About $450 melt worth for a little over 3 bucks. woohoo! Haven't checked yet if any might be worth more as actual silverware. (estimating weight on...
  14. Best Beaches in N.C. and S.C. to Metal Detect?

    Hi, I just bought the Garrett AT Max. Will you guys let me know from your experience, or even from just reading or hearing others speak of which are the best beaches from “More likely” to “Less likely” to find treasures? Thanks
  15. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this, silver?

    I dug this up about 5 miles North of Sweetwater, TX.
  16. 🥇 BANNER Appalachian Pirate Treasure!!! 8 Reale!!

    Appalachian Pirate Treasure I’ve never been this lucky in my life… I’ll try to make this as fast as possible. So! I was sifting an over hang (ON MY PROPERTY, I feel like that’s important to clarify) very successfully by my standards, I’ll post the pictures of the artifacts after this. Anyway, I...
  17. Blue Clay Western NY

    I have a question? Has anyone one ever located blue clay in New York state. I recently ran across some blue clay in our creek bed while panning. Western NY region. I will get a photo this week of the clay. What does it mean?
  18. Silver 'n Gold finds!!!

    Found bits of silver and one little 14k earring for $2 in total. Question: is this worth selling at a pon shop? I know it's really small amount but if I build it up should I sell there? No one will buy mismatch earrings...maybe some like the clasp could be sold to jewelry makers. What do you think?
  19. Silver Buckle find???

    Hello! I went as a knight for Halloween and found this belt for part of my outfit at the thrift store. Wondering if it's silver or silver plated maybe. Says Taiwan on the back. Looks tarnished...hoping it's silver but I'm guessing if it is its probably just plated which wouldn't be worth much...
  20. Neat Buckle found on 1800s site

    Hello! Been a long, long while since I've posted...does anyone even remember me??? Lol haha. Anyways...I've been doing more yard sale hunting/re-selling then detecting this year. Made some killer finds and big chunk a change. Only detected a few times this year which I now regret. Will be going...