1. Help identify cigarettes case - FAKE or not !

    :hello: Hi there I want to buy this cigarette case from a local dealer, but I don't know anything about it - he says is silver but I have my doubts ,it could be alloy or any plated. Also, anyone know what kind of year this might be and what technique used to make this ... looks like a press ...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Reale?

    I still can't believe I dug this. It's what I believe is a milled bust pillar type, 2 reales. Weighs 5.53g and measures 26.5mm/1.04" diameter. If I'm wrong please correct me. I'm looking to narrow time the time period and more details about the piece. I can't make out the more worn side to...
  3. Recruiting Historians and real Treasure hunters

    Howdy all, I'm a creative producer. A few years ago I was here because one of my Youtube clients was in need of something new - and so I set to work building big ideation for him. It ended up evolving into something much bigger than a Youtube video however and instead of working with a Youtuber...
  4. Help identify this stone I found

  5. Odd shaped silver found on beach

    Hey all. I'm new here! Firstly, I found this on a remote beach on a perimeter island (loc: gulf of mex). It looks like it's been tumbled pretty good for a long time; some pitting as well. I can tell it's definitely a cast. At first I thought it was a crucifix, or maybe a weird demented ash tray...
  6. Saving the lives of Loons

    Went to a local freshwater beach/boat launch/hangout on this dreary day up here in Maine. Never detected it before, it just kind of popped into my head this afternoon. I figured there wouldn't be as many people there when the sun wasn't shining. I was right, just a couple fisherman. This place...
  7. 1917 Merc w/Full Split Bands? & the nicest cellar holes I’ve seen

    Didn't have much time today after work. So i decided to just drive to a few cellar holes i have marked in Gaia as potential sites. Just to see how i would access them or who i would have to ask for permission. I drove down a road that's 10 minutes away from where i live, that i have apparently...
  8. 1808 Spanish Piece of Eight

    1808 Spanish Piece of Eight

    This is a Spanish 8 Reale I found while mudlarking. It was minted in New Guatamala in 1808 and bears the bust of Charles IV.
  9. Found in mid Tn. A few days ago

    So a while back I dug up a 1/4 reale. A few days ago I managed to dig up another object of greater size and weight. A few feet away I dug up another object that looked almost like a metal stamp. The next day I began cleaning the pieces and realized the stamp contained designs of waves and...
  10. 1808 Spanish 8 Reales, 1943 Mercury Dime, etc.

    Found this Spanish pillar dollar today in the ocean. (Edit: I initially thought it to be too light to be genuine, weighing in at only 16.5 grams, but as many T-net users have pointed out, being exposed to salt water for 200+ years corrodes silver, and I can confirm the coin is much thinner than...
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help on ID of this item

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Seems to be copper/silver or brass/silver. On the front side a lot of engraving work and back side has some engraved Arabic writing. Just curious what i could maybe find out. Thanks Travis
  12. Gold Ring, Silver Ring, and Coins

    All from this evening. $1.52 clad coins, small sterling silver ring, big 14k gold ring In situ: 9.8 grams
  13. 1964 Dime

    1964 Dime

    1964 silver dime found in the coinstar on 6/16/2023
  14. First Hunt, SILVER SCORE

    First hunt this year!! Haven't been detecting for a long time. So pumped that my first night out was a success!! Any guess on age for this vintage looking silver ring? And what about this button? Please comment if you have info. Thanks!
  15. 1957 Silver Dime

    1957 Silver Dime

    Coinstar find May 25th 2023.
  16. 🥇 BANNER Rare 1880 Canadian Quarter.

    Any info on this quarter would be awesome. I just found it tonight just after dark. It was my first find with the Legend. I guess I'm looking if anyone can tell if it is wide or a narrow zero in the date. Also what's Up with The G. Last any thoughts on the grade. Looks rather nice to me.
  17. 1890 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

    Found my first MSD. Was on the beach in an area known historically for fishing docks and likely a Chinese shrimp camp. My guess it was dropped from the docks into the sand or water. Carson City mint mark. What should I do with it? What do you think it's worth in this grade?
  18. Two 1964 Silver Dimes and one 1941 Wheat Cent

    Two 1964 Silver Dimes and one 1941 Wheat Cent

    Found these three coins in the return slot of my local grocery store's Coinstar. April 7th 2023.
  19. WWll Sterling Relic Found!!

    Hello folks! Was super happy with this 50 cent sterling ww2 pin I found at the thrift store today. I looked on ebay, and it's going for around 40-60 dollars. Not sure if I could get that for it. But still cool. Need some advice about this possible sterling spoon. There is markings on the back...
  20. 1955 Silver Washington Quarter

    1955 Silver Washington Quarter

    Found at my local grocery store coinstar.