1. Best Beaches in N.C. and S.C. to Metal Detect?

    Hi, I just bought the Garrett AT Max. Will you guys let me know from your experience, or even from just reading or hearing others speak of which are the best beaches from “More likely” to “Less likely” to find treasures? Thanks
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this, silver?

    I dug this up about 5 miles North of Sweetwater, TX.
  3. 🥇 BANNER Appalachian Pirate Treasure!!! 8 Reale!!

    Appalachian Pirate Treasure I’ve never been this lucky in my life… I’ll try to make this as fast as possible. So! I was sifting an over hang (ON MY PROPERTY, I feel like that’s important to clarify) very successfully by my standards, I’ll post the pictures of the artifacts after this. Anyway, I...
  4. Blue Clay Western NY

    I have a question? Has anyone one ever located blue clay in New York state. I recently ran across some blue clay in our creek bed while panning. Western NY region. I will get a photo this week of the clay. What does it mean?
  5. Silver 'n Gold finds!!!

    Found bits of silver and one little 14k earring for $2 in total. Question: is this worth selling at a pon shop? I know it's really small amount but if I build it up should I sell there? No one will buy mismatch earrings...maybe some like the clasp could be sold to jewelry makers. What do you think?
  6. Silver Buckle find???

    Hello! I went as a knight for Halloween and found this belt for part of my outfit at the thrift store. Wondering if it's silver or silver plated maybe. Says Taiwan on the back. Looks tarnished...hoping it's silver but I'm guessing if it is its probably just plated which wouldn't be worth much...
  7. Neat Buckle found on 1800s site

    Hello! Been a long, long while since I've posted...does anyone even remember me??? Lol haha. Anyways...I've been doing more yard sale hunting/re-selling then detecting this year. Made some killer finds and big chunk a change. Only detected a few times this year which I now regret. Will be going...
  8. Hello

    Out here in Tacoma Washington. I like to do prospecting. Keene A51 is The sluice I use. I prospect creeks in Tacoma. Picture is of my first clean out using the Keene A51.
  9. ❎ SOLD Chlorargyrite - The Mineral Form of Silver Chloride Ore FOR SALE

    Note; This is not material suitable for simple crushing & panning due to heavy sulfides. If you aren't into refining at all, then it isn't probably for you. But message me for questions nonetheless. They do make for pretty stones anyway. I also can't get the picture uploader to work. You can...
  10. Sweet sixtie-four

    It was quite rainy this past week, wasn't able to go MDing for almost 2 weeks. So in the meantime I resorted to CRH. Haven't found anything exciting on that part though. So I was just out for milk this evening. I decided not to go to the typical CVS where I usually purchase items I need right...
  11. Wallowing in memories

    Well, the last one died shortly after birth, so here we make a new baby. 40 years ago I had a great time in the Bahamas. A lot has happened since then. Probably I would not recognize the old places if I visited today. Some places might have changed less than others, like Great Isaak Key. When...
  12. Will I get lucky?

  13. Morgan Dollars and more for sale

    I have some Morgan dollars, and other silver coins for sale, all from my grandfathers collection. He was a silver stacker, so he had a lot, but these are going to be the nly coins I'm selling from that collection for now. I will not consider requests for more coins from that collection. Flat...
  14. Thrift store Silver!!!

    I was looking through the silver plated spoons at a thrift store not expecting to find anything because I never do. Well. Bingo. Don't know a ton about silver spoons but %99 percent sure this is sterling!!! Can anyone varify for me? What stuck out is that it's not rainbowy colored like most...
  15. Seeking a SeaSpy magnetometer

    Hi y'all. We are looking for another complete, working used Marine Magnetics SeaSpy, SeaSpy2 or Explorer magnetometer. We need no more than 100m of cable. I'm less interested in a Geometrics G-882, but I would listen to a good deal. Price should be commensurate with age and condition. I might be...
  16. 925 “PC”

    Looked all over the internet for this jewelry hallmark on a ring I found in the yard of an ‘85 house flip and there is no clear definition for it. Thought I could share this for the experienced on here. HH everyone:icon_thumright:
  17. Small silver before Christmas

    It was busy at Walmart today this evening. I was just doing some christmas shopping during a move into a new (old) home. As I approached the machine, I see a small pocket of change in the bin. I couldn’t tell exactly at the time what the small coin was until after getting into my truck. It...
  18. 1959 Permission

    Got bored today, so I took a trip downtown to visit a townhome bound to be restored in January. Not a bad 2 hours of digging Thanks for looking! HH!:occasion14:
  19. Newby-Excited to be here.

    Thomas Rocky Shores badge icon New Member · 21h · Hi everyone. Im back into metal detecting. Been an arm chair prospector mostly. Giving up playing music but will always enjoy prospecting. Planning on moving to a Gold bearing state soon. Like the adventure and fun or nature and finding...
  20. Has anyone ever seen this kind of coin?

    I have a double sided silver coin with the reverse of a walking liberty half dollar. One side with the "S" mint mark and the other has the "D". It weighs 11.93g.