1979 washington eagle head???


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Jan 23, 2016
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Looks like a normal clad quarter to me. Can you give details as to what you think is wrong with it ?

Could be a ground find that was cleaned up by being "tumbled" so it could be spent. MD'ers were very active around here in the late '70's and early 80's, and we used to get quite a few cleaned up coins in change back then. It looks good enough to spend!

well it looks like it was stamped multipal times. there is a eagle head on the top of georges looking the same then there are grooves in the last t in trust like the angle of the branches. the re are arrows n claws on his neck. other side there are lettering by the east of the wing. I think that is georges eye above the same wing. so ... should i use my other eye?

If you truly believe this coin as ANY errors, please have it evaluated and authenticated by a reputable third party. Personally, I do not see any problems with this coin.

Probably where two quarters were pressed together. By being run over or something.

When we look for error coins we seem to find many but do we really//// see what we want to see You see

I am just seeing a normal beat up quarter.

I don't see anything, but modern errors are quite common. If you're in the business you can buy them by the back. Now if you find Indians, Barbers, large cents etc then it's a whole different story.

Man I really try to see these things but it just looks like any beat up Washington to me. Can you highlight the errors?

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