1984 error coin not on any list I have found

Jan 18, 2022
Do I bought a bunch of coins off some guy having a garage sale . In the bunch I got some pretty good coins like a 1909 wheat back and a 1884 Indian head penny . But I got a 1984 penny with die breaks n the reverse and you can make out the Lincoln building on the overse mainly the windows and a line for the bottom of the building I found a thread some where with two people that posted pics of this coin but no one knew the value of it. Also I got a 1900 Indian head penny where it's been damaged on the rim and you can clearly see gold not copper where the rim has been shoved down into the letters of America. Was wondering if anyone has any idea about these two coins and I'm posting pics of both I it will let me I'm new here and appreciate any info on these at all or where I can find out about them or how to search them up better. My best coin is a 1972 ddo variety #4 in almost mint condition only issue is discoloring on it where it turned kinda of black but not a very big area . Thanks luckycoinfinderq


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Apr 15, 2009
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The Lincoln cent is a die clash, where the two dies hit without a planchet loaded.

Cant tell about the Indian cent. maybe damage from a projectile.
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Dec 16, 2012
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strong die clash worth at least $10. attempt to hole the IHP???
Jan 18, 2022
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Yeah i was hoping it would be worth more then that since I couldn't find anything out about it but I have seen at least two other coins like it since I bought it. The Indian head has me stumped because that's gold inside the damaged spot and not sure if it was a transfer from a gold coin that caused the damage or if maybe this penny has gold in it or under the copper I think I'll have someone at a jewelry shop do a scan on it and see what it's actually made of here soon

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