advice on fine tuning Whites 6000 DI PRO SL


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Mar 21, 2007
Ellisville, MS
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Hey I'm a complete newbie and have just started with my Whites 6000 DI Pro SL. So far, I've read my manual about 14 times and have finally got a little bit of the drift on how to use my detector. I've found two quarters, three or four dimes and 15 or so pennies all unfortunately modern. I'm really determined to keep going until I find something neat but I really don't fully grasp how to get the ground balance right for max sensitivity. Can anyone give me some advice such as how often should I reset the signal balance and auto GEB?

Also, can anyone tell me if this is a good detector? Does anyone use this same model? Thanks.

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Dec 1, 2006
Concord, NC
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White's DFX and Minelab Explorer SE
#1 use in the "preset" mode for a while first, before you go turning all those knobs! Your instructions show you to set everything at "P" until you start to learn the unit.

Trust me that works well on that machine!

and as far as "is it a good machine?" Well, I have found many opinions that state it is not a good machine...... IT'S NOT ONLY THE BEST ANALOG MACHINE, BUT THE ONE EVERY OTHER MACHINE BUILT TRIES (and fails) TO SURPASS.

I have used it's little brother, the 5900/Di Pro SL and loved it. I also know someone that uses the 6000/Di Pro SL and will never, I mean NEVER own anything else.


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Aug 1, 2004
Doesn't the SL PRO have an auto track ground balance ? You may not need the manual ground balance at all if you are in relatively nuetral soil. If you manually balance, and do it wrong, you are LOSING depth, or will get a lot of falsing if you go to positive.

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