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Oct 2, 2022
Let me preface this by saying, I'm sure a few of you here are already aware of this. I just want to put it out there because I'm no longer on the hunt and there are a few places leftl to search.
I just retired from the US Border Patrol after 24 years. I did 9 years in CA then 15 years as a Supervisor in AZ. In 2005, I stumbled across the story of Hash Knife Charley (spelled correctly) and the 38 bars of Mexican gold he supposedly stashed near the Lukeville Port of Entry south of Why, AZ. Becasue I was in the area on a regular basis, I decided to look for any information I could find. Heres what I was working with.
Charley and one other man was being chased by Mexican athorites after stealing the bars. They crossed the border east of Sonoyta, MX. The other man was killed and Charley got away and into the US. Later, while in jail for horse stealing, he told several other prisoners before he died about the stashed bars. He said all 38 bars had a Mexican assayers mark on them. He said he stashed the bars between the Mexican Border and "a spring" on the northside of the border. He also said he hid the bars under a rock shaped like a fish.
I searched the area between both Quitobaquito Spring and Aguajita Spring and the border, whenever I was in the area, for a rock shaped like a fish but never saw one. However, I never had a detector and there are two more springs in the area...Williams Spring and Burro Spring. Its a large area and tuff terrain. Also, the Border Wall has now been erected in that area and construction crews have also built a very large border road along the fence.
I retired to Kentucky and will never be back. Just want to pass the baton to another.
Good luck!

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