Any ideas or suggestions on what to do with Wheat cents?

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Nov 29, 2009
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Over the years I've accumulated 1000s of wheaties. FYI, I find an average of 30 per box. As of now they just sit around in baggies & containers sitting wastefully idle. Although I do have some ideas on what I can do with them, I would like to hear from the experts on this forum on what I can do with them. Any & all suggestions will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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Craigslist at 3 cents a piece would get them sold fast plus triple your money. Nothing wrong with that.

At $25 a bag for 500 coins is .05 each. Most coin shops pay .02 each. So they all making a hefty .03 profit on each coin. However, I do bettter as I've been grading some individually & successfully selling them at flea markesuts for .15 or more cents each. But the only problem with that is all the time it takes to encapsulate them in coin holders & grading & pricing each one. But its fun & well worth it to maximize my profit margin. FYI, there are a lot of wheat collectors out there because they are affordable - especially with kids as they are my biggest customers. Thanks for your help frankendime.

Flea markets I meant. My apology for the spelling error.

I have sold several lots on CL at 3.5 cents each no problem. At 3 cents I would have had them sold in an hour. No takers at 4-5 cents. I buy them for $1.75 a roll from a local gold buyer.

My local pawn shop will buy them any condition 3cents ea I have a guy that sells unsearched lots of wheats for 2cents ea he has around $20,000 worth lol so I buy search flip lol not a bad gig most come cull but I did find a vf 31s was very pleased lol

I have 2 open top boxes of pennies with labeled tubes standing straight up. I presort the wheats into groups of the 50s , 40s etc. I then sort them into the tubes and roll them up and label the roll when they hit 50.

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