Anyone around the Trinidad/Weston Colorado area?


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Jul 6, 2003
Eastern North Carolina
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Saw your post and have to say I am somewhat jealous of your location! You are in a good area....sort of a jumping off spot for TH'ing anywhere in Colorado....have been on Hwy 12 a number of times over the past 20 yee ars...always passing thru onto Ft. Garland and pointsls north and west. Anyway, hope you do well with or without a partner...there is tresure all around you. If you go onto the classifieds postings here on TNet, you'll find someone selling a copy of Waybills to Eldorado by KVonM...there are some leads pertaining directly to your locale in that publication...could really pay off for you and save a lot of time and expense as well. Good Luck and Good Hunting!


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