Would like to organize a group mdn hunt.


Feb 25, 2013
Would like to organize a group md'n hunt.


I would like to have a group md'n hunt, with anyone that would like to go along! I live in Colorado Springs. 80904. If someone could swing by and pick me up, that would be great. As of the moment i have no vehicle. If anyone has any ideas, pm me, id like to md or th near accessible old ranches, barns, homesteads etc. Where there isnt soooo much modern day trash. Old trash like back n the 1800's is fine. Not new trash! Just seeking ppl who are willing to go in a group. Or one or two or three or so on!! Lol!!! Or if u like Meteorite hunting, pm me. That i like dng also!! I can research places online. No problem!!! So plz feel free to pm me, or email me [email protected], or call me (719)459-4690. Call be better. If i dont answer leave ur name, where u got my cell and ur cell #, and a brief msg. Ill get back to u shortly after. Im willing to do this. After the cold is over with. And it warms up alot. Hit me uup!!! Ill be waiting.

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