Anyone ever hear of exhaling on a diamond ?

No, but I’ve seen it on old movies:
They used to bite gold coins to test for real gold and “huff” on diamond rings. Then they’d hold the ring up to a light source and look at it. Must have been for the reason you mentioned.🤔

I am being told to exhale on a diamond and it will not fog up. Glass will. Anyone ever try this ?
It's not quite that cut & dried. Diamonds will fog up, but supposedly dissipate faster than glass.

I wouldn't rely on just this one subjective test.

Is the stone mounted or loose? This will bear on which tests are appropriate.

Google how to tell if a diamond is real

I was watching TV quiz show. It said an easy way to check a diamond was to breathe on it. If it fogs up it is glass but not diamond/ Just wondering if anyone has any input on this method ? Might be good for flea market sales and garage sales​


I think diamonds dissipate heat faster than the simulants
so there could be some science there, but I would think you would want to do a bit of testing before you jump in. I use a 10 power loupe, the facet junctions are sharper on a diamond then a CZ, but once again you would have to look at quite a few to see the difference.

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