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Jan 13, 2017
northeast Ohio
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Minelab Etrac-Notka Legend
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All Treasure Hunting
I am starting to make some good finds with the Apex in spots where I have not had much recent success. Two hunts at two different parks has produced a handful of wheats and two buffalo nickels. Site one was extremely trashy and older coins are on the deep side. I hunted slowly and picked out the repeatable high tones. I found 4 wheats from 6 to 7 inches and cherry picked clad. By that I mean, I dug only signals above 76, which turned out to be clad dimes and quarters. In some of my spots, I ignore zinc signals as I know Indian Head pennies are not here.

Today I hunted along a path in an old park. The first signal was a buffalo nickel and it was at least 7 inches deep. Second signal was a wheatie under a bush. I only hunted about 75 foot of this path on both sides and found two more wheats and another buffalo. I am starting to learn what signals to ignore and which to dig. One quirk about the Apex is the numbers will jump on deeper coins, but the tones remain constant. I use the tones first to determine whether to dig and secondly the numbers. On coins 6 inches or less, it locks on with both the tones and numbers.

This is my second Apex(I do loads of wheeling dealing) and I equipped this one with the 8.5x11 coil. The first had the Ripper coil and I seem to be getting a couple of inches more depth. I also am not maxing my sensitivity out, but running it two bars from max. It is very stable with no apparent lack of depth.


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Apr 15, 2021
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Deus II 9”
Garrett Apex
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All Treasure Hunting
Way to go, rayoh! Sounds Like the Apex is working well for you. I’ve done a lot of hunting with the Apex at old Ohio homesites in the last year, and found a whole lot of coins, both old and newer at these junk filled homesites. Once a person learns the Apex like you have, rayoh, you can can pull some interesting finds out of the junk. My Apex came equipped with the Viper coil and I’ve purchased both the Ripper and Raider coils to use with it. I’ve found the Ripper is the most useful in very trashy sites. Can’t hardly beat the Apex’s light weight, wireless headphones, and build quality.

All things considered, I’m happy with it. Sounds like you are getting along fine with it, too. Keep Digging good stuff, rayoh!

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