✅ SOLVED Asian coin?


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Dec 21, 2015
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Found this hunting an early 1900 ' house today. Only one side has a lot of detail left. Range up like a penny. A very big penny. 20160710_143933.jpg

Also found this token

Here is an old spoon with a Germany cross. The house has been owned by a family of Germany decent.

Anyone know what any of this is?

the spoon marked with the maltese cross, WR, and the keystone is Wm Rogers. Probably dates to around 1900, Has nothing to do with Germany

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Chinese. Maybe a 10 cash. Early 20th C.

This one is not your coin but closest I've seen so far. Hunan Province 1912 10 cash.


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Your coin is too worn and too dirty for me to make out and match the kanji characters.

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Thanks for the info do you think I should clean it so we can read it better or is this worth anything

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Thanks for the info do you think I should clean it so we can read it better or is this worth anything

I wouldn't worry about cleaning it more. :laughing7:

Put it in your "Finds box" and tell anyone that asks it's worth $20. :thumbsup:

That's a cool find. I'd take one of those any day.


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Thanks DCMatt. Sounds like a good idea. :)
It was a double lot and I didn't get to hunt long. Going back later. It was very trashy and difficult soil. Lots of iron.

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The bakery token seems to show up on eBay fairly regularly. One token researcher opined on tokencatalog.com that it was maybe from Joseph Lauler' bakery in Indianapolis, IN. But proving anything with just initials is mighty tough.
Unknown, Unknown


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TC-262646 *** maybe Joseph Lauler, Indianapolis,IN

Contributed by: bobcarwash

John in the Great 208

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@ idahotokens : I bet you are right. I found this in Indianapolis on the southwest side.

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Well, that worries me a bit since that style of token looks to me to be ca. 1905-15. Okay, a quick trip to the Indianapolis City Directories finds Joseph Lauler listed as a baker at 440 S. West and 417 W. McCarty in 1907.

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I thinks those are good additions to your collection !!!let us know what else you find!!!!!

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@idahotoken. That's interesting. . Either it pretty cool and older than I thought :laughing7:

I will keep you all posted. Can't wait to go back

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