Battle of Scary Creek W.V.


Oct 6, 2005
Hey everyone, new to this and wanted a little help. What would be a good starter detector, price ranges etc. Also I lived in St.Albans West Virginia most of my life, now in Fl., most of family still lives there and have since late 1800's. As far as I know, not alot ( if any) have done much relic hunting in the area. The area is Vintroux road. The battle of Scary was fought there and best I can tell from the old battle maps we own the property where the C.S. had there artillary set up. From the battle maps the Federals were on Simms hill and were approx. 500 yrds. from the C.S. whom were above Scary Creek Bridge on the high point, which is where my uncle lives. Anyone who has done any detecting there or has any info let me know. Would be happy to share the info I got on the location in turn. Thanks for any help.

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Hello, I live just outside of Huntington, WV. That land sounds like a great place to hunt if you come back in town after you get a detector. I just got into the hobby in June after my wife and kids bought me an inexpensive detector from WalMart (Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX), I found lots of pennies and other stuff in my yard with this detector but it didn't have a pinpoint mode and only 4 target ID categories which meant I pretty much had to dig every target, so a couple weeks ago I bought a new White's Prizm III and I must say that I love this machine, the pinpoint mode is great and makes digging targets a hundred times easier, it also has 8 target ID categories and a depth meter which the Bounty Hunter didn't have...all for around $300. I have done some research about Civil War activity in WV and there is a site in Wayne Co. called "Murder Hollow" that I plan to hunt sometime in the near future if I can find the owners and get permission!! One of the ways that I found out about skirmishes in WV was searching "The Official Record of the War of the Rebellion," do a google search for that and you can hopefully find more info on that battle site. Good Luck if you get a chance to detect the site and send me a private message here if you want a partner to help search...


Good luck at Scary creek fellows. that site has been hit very hard. the CSA side has alot of trash and the union side has been built on so much the top is almost covered. across the creek from the place that sale's pre-fab homes might be good. better off doing a little research on a few other sites withen a few miles of those that are still woods and producing. good luck detecting!

putnam county here.

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