This just ticks me off.....


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Jul 7, 2005
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Stupid ebay sellars trying to make a living selling junk or fake items :o >:(? ?All the time i see this stuff :(

Heres a Reproduction belt buckle (man i hate repros >:()?
Look at the title, it says nothing what so ever about it being a reproduction!? It should say in the damn title >:(

Also what about those fake slave tags ???
Pretty sure this is a fake:
This one too:
Sellers right, its modern:
Here on the other hand is a real one:

And what about those civil war belt plates with a bullet it them and the bullet is not even mushroomed :D? Now thats abviously a fake....but there are real ones out there, most not for sale.?

Also civil war ID disks, i posted one along time ago, there are many out there.? alot are refered to as pender disks....also the fake coins are out there so BEWARE :o

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