Beautiful day at Rio del Mar Beach in Aptos, CA

Marin County CA

Feb 16, 2014
Detector(s) used
Tesaro Compadre
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All Treasure Hunting
This is what I found in about one hour of detecting while on holiday in Aptos, CA with my Tesaro Compadre. I met a local man who said his detector found a ring yesterday and that he hunts in the black sand and that is where he finds everything. My detector does not do well on wet or black sand so perhaps it is time to upgrade? I have to say I am envious!


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Pretty darn nice out there even if you dont find much it is a pleasure to hunt. Took my De Leon out in the wet last week, performed better then I would have imagined even going over some black sand it murmured but didn't go crazy or anything..Really stable..but that's at 10Khz Thinking it is the lowest frequency of the tesoro line, other may vary.

If you are going to primarily beach hunt, you might as well get a detector that is going to work best in that environment.

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