Best Pinpointer: Profind or Propointer? Help me decide.


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Sep 30, 2012
Bloomington Indiana
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E-TRAC & TESORO GOLDEN SABRE II---ETRAC COILS :SEF 10x12, SEF 6x8, X-5, Detech 8" concentric, ,--- TESORO COILS- 12x10 TOOLS: Lesche, Profind 25, Garrett Propointer
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All Treasure Hunting
I want one or the other. Have done a little research. Chime in and help me decide. Have heard Profind is better in air tests but not the ground. Like the vibrate or sound option on Profind.

I have the PF-25. great unit. Now the skinny. As advertised it's not supposed to interfere with MD units. My ML GP series no. Any PI detector I own , Nope. But I have a MXT ,and GMT, and it does like to chat with them . More so the MXT.. Is it a deal breaker ? No.

I have a Sun -Ray DX-1 for my MXT . once in a while I use the ML PF-25 to find those tiny aluminum targets in the plug. I just switch off my headphones, and let the PF-25 do its thing. it is a little pricey , but does a fine job. Trick little unit. Makes a nice gold crevicing tool too. Friends with the Garrett ? They actually like mine a little better . Was'nt intended. it's just a little more sensitive.

Good luck

I have both and the Garrett has been replaced twice in the same period of time. I would rate the ML as being about twice as good as the Garrett and when both were made available to my friends they continue to leave the Garrett in the basket and use the ML.

My Garrett fasled alot and my Minelab not once so far!:thumbsup:

Thanks for the input!

So leaning towards the Profind. Have an offer on a new one for $139...

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