Borden Ice Cream Elsie idea what their worth? Any help?


Jul 4, 2014
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Borden Ice Cream 'Elsie' idea what their worth? Any help?

I was left these 3 identical signs and have no idea how much they're worth but they must be fairly rare because I can't find any info on them. They are all large as you can see from the pictures. They are made of a light metal or tin. The lettering and Elsie logo are raised or embossed...whatever the correct term is. Any help? We'd love to sell them if we could but have no clue.

IMAG0111.jpg IMAG0112.jpg IMAG0113.jpg IMAG0114.jpg


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Jan 16, 2013
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Elsie the Cow sure did mooove allot of milk, cheese & butter over the years. Named one of the top 10 advertising icons of the century by Ad Age in 2000. Her man Elmer sold millions of gallons of glue and paste over the last century. I would think the popularity of Elsie would add to the value of those signs. Who didn't at one time find warmth and comfort in that smile on Elsie the cow :dontknow:. I know I did when as a kid I'd see that carton of milk I was after in the fridge. That just made my day thinking of drinking that nice cold glass of milk. Her ice cream was the only kind I thought they ever made 50 + years ago.

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Jun 28, 2014
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At the flea market I occasionally sell at signage is always a huge seller. If i were selling those I would ask 300 a piece. And I would stand firm for a long time. I also would put one up one ebay for 499 OBO. And see what I get. If it sold for 499, the next one goes up for 699 OBO.


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Jul 15, 2004
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The only problem with ebay would be the size of them. They look too large for normal USPS shipping so whatever other service used would be charging quite a bit for shipping. I like the signs. They are nice vintage store signs . Before I scrolled down and read Jayers reply, I was thinking around the same price. I would sell the one in the "worst" condition first, if there is one that is. I would not take a penny less than $300 myself for any of them BUT they may very well be worth $500 each so. Craigslist may be a good route for these.

PS- I found a pair of elsie the cow ice cream sundae glasses a few weeks ago.

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