Bounty Hunter Land Ranger vs. Time Ranger


Dec 19, 2006
Hi All,

New guy here. I've done some MD work years ago with an inexpensive unit (no features other than beeping over metal). I was totally enthralled at the time and would ponder some of the valueless artifacts for hours, wondering how they came to be in my parent’s backyard.

I want to buy a new detector and have focused on BH, due to visibility; I'm an enthusiastic Cabela's customer. Although there’s no reason to be completely focused on Bounty Hunter, for the time being I am. Being in the Great White North, I have plenty of time before detecting season starts again before making a purchase. I was dead set on the Land Ranger, but have seen some online vendors selling the Time Ranger for the same price (not the least expensive seller, but still got me thinking). My question is for general use, is the Time Ranger better than the Land Ranger (with some discussion of the features and how they make detecting more successful or fun).

The main focus of my Mding will be coins, jewelry and artifacts. The search for coins and jewelry will be straightforward. The artifacts I’m interested in are from the French-Indian war period (there were a few trading posts and battles in the area) and the Old Copper Culture (which was prevalent in the area). The area may have also seen some action in the War of 1812, but some cursory online research has not borne this out. I will hit the local library and museum for more detailed research of local possibilities.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer, as well as this great web site!



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Nov 24, 2006
NE Tennessee
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From the way I see it, the Time Ranger has the Sniff and Blanker options over the Land Ranger. Both machines have basically the same specs.


Dec 19, 2006
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Thanks Phantasman!

I'll research those features and compare to what I plan to hunt.

Happy hunting!

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