BOWMANS HILL TOWER (Solebury Twp., Bucks County)

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Dec 19, 2003
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BOWMAN'S HILL TOWER (Solebury Twp., Bucks County)

Dr. John Bowman sailed with the British fleet to bring in Captain Kidd, but switched sides and became Kidd's personal sawbones. When the Cap was captured, Bowman sailed up the Delaware to avoid his boss' fate. He settled down in Newtown, about six miles from the hill. When he died, he was buried on top of the hill, per his wishes,

his treasure is said to be Buried there also.

It is now State park


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Dec 19, 2009
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Re: BOWMAN'S HILL TOWER (Solebury Twp., Bucks County)

Hi Jeff,
I am from Bucks County, and I recall a uncle of mine saying while as a Boy Scout back in the 40's or 50's , he and a few others stumbled onto the old Indian silver mine located on Bowman's Hill. As for Dr.Bowman.. I think he was dropped off by Kidd before he went north to clear his name(Kidd) , the "History of Bucks county " has more on the subject.When Kidd was in the process of dropping Bowman off a few British war ships spotted him in the Delaware Bay, as the story goes , Kidd being in a much smaller ship , sailed into and hid in what was known as "blackbird creek"( I think that may be Delaware ? ). There he was supposed to have ... you guessed it ! buried another treasure. As late as a few years ago , a fellow who said he had proof of the treasure and its location was trying to get permission to dig it up ( I kind of recall he was denied by the current owner). Just throwing that out there . ;D

HH to all :icon_thumright:

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