DAVID "ROBBER" LEWIS(Cumberland County)

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Dec 19, 2003
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DAVID "ROBBER" LEWIS(Cumberland County)

the Robin Hood of Pennsylvania is a local legend and he did allegedly leave behind some hidden loot for a lucky treasure hunter. He was born in Carlisle in 1790, and promptly showed his disrespect of authority by deserting the Army and becoming a New York counterfeiter. He was captured, but escaped almost as soon as they put him behind bars, returning to his home haunts of Cumberland County. There he made a name for himself by robbing the wealthy and the tax collectors and sharing his wealth with the less fortunate locals. He hid out in the caves of the area, well informed of John Law's moves by his local fan club. Eventually his luck ran out. He was shot and captured after a robbery in Bellefont, and died at the age of 30 from gangrene. While he lay dying in jail, he taunted his captors by telling them of the caches he had squirreled away. He told them of $10,000 hidden in a cave along the Juniata River near Lewistown. He said even he couldn't find the booty because a flood had washed away his trail markers. A second treasure was stashed along the Conodoguinett Creek. In fact, some gold coins have been found in that area, supposedly part of his loot. Finally, he said that he buried $20,000 in the hills outside of Bellefonte. He jabbed the needle deeper into his jailers by telling them he could see where it was hidden from his cell window. Robber Lewis was always quick to share his ill gotten gains with the regular folks of the area. He's still left some wealth to spread around.


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