buffalo scapula hoes and shovels


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Apr 8, 2009
North Dakota
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some shovels and hoes
i think i may have posted a few of these
i think i said how a person can sorta tell the age of these by looking at
the back side, the 3rd image shows that the ribs were removed by a (metal blade later)
the 4th image clearly shows the ribs were removed by a flint blade (older)
the one on top is a fairly large example and also does not show a lot of use wear IMG_1571.jpgIMG_1572.jpgIMG_1573.jpgIMG_1574.jpg


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I've got some of those. Very cool artifacts. I wish we found something like that here.


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hi steve
the first piece you have shown could be a squash knife
i could be wrong but that is how squash cutters were used for slicing rings of squash so they could be hung in the air for drying
it also could be a small platter or eating utensil
what do you think about it, do all the edges all show a little use polish or am i thinking of a different piece?
it could have started out as a hoe then broke and used for one of the other purposes

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