can someone help identify this cartoon token??


Nov 16, 2018
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Hi! Just a psa that this is my first time on here so I’m sorry for any mistakes :-). Im still quite confused lol.

I found this cartoon coin in my piggy bank. I assumed it was a chuck e cheese coin but I’m starting to doubt myself :/. I think it’s a looney tunes coin? Not sure.

The top says “Fun Tycoon” and the bottom says “guaranteed to not learn anything!” (The bottom text puzzled me. What a weird thing to put on a token.) The back of the coin is translated to French, which makes sense since this is a Canadian token.

Please help! If this is rare I’ll be overjoyed :icon_thumright:



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Interesting, I couldn't find anything on this either. That being said, modern tokens are almost never worth anything. There just are not enough collectors for that. Usually if you can get even anything for them it's good.

Can't help with an I.D. on it. One thing that stuck out to me was the "guaranteed to not learn anything". I thought that was something I could have on the front of a baseball cap to wear, I mean there are some days...…..

Nice find, Congrats!!

Welcome to TNet!!!

I would also same some arcade that's now closed do some research it can be fun!!!!!!

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