Cant believe the hype


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Jun 11, 2009
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Can't believe the hype

I can't stand the fact that I a treasure hunter has to watch those two brothers in charge but, point of question I want to ask is why wouldn't you naturally hit the water table at 90 feet on a small island if not a lot more shallow. Coconut husks have been found naturally all over the world even that far north where they don't grow. Why oh why do you not keep drilling when u find man mad object at 140 even if your trying to keep the show going or get investors. The only thing is if you have a dad or a grandpa who treasure hunts you have to have a soft spot for old Dan dig something up for God sake before the guy dies he's beyond his quest for money he just wants to see what's down there.

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Nov 25, 2014
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Two threads down there is a thread called "oak island: the real mystery or is there even a real mystery?" You could easily have posted this in there as the sentiment here is the exact same as in that thread. Which is why I am going to call you a troll.

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