Oak Island - easy idea for searching the swamp vs. draining it


Dec 2, 2014
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The swamp is shallow. Draining it just seems unreasonable and costly. It would be fairly inexpensive to build a large 10x10 foot weighted waterproof box with an open top and a "glass" bottom. Perhaps it's acrylic. Using a crane, they lower it in place. Then hop in, and when the dust settles, you'll see the bottom. Raise it 3 feet, and have the diver go investigate a certain spot. Then move it 10 feet to explore more. I use the same method in a bay in NJ, except my box is 1x2 feet. Murky water a foot deep near a dock - boom - clear glimpse of the bottom. Yes, I find recently dropped sunglasses, and in the Oak Island swamp, they are probably looking for something in deeper in the mud. But it would still allow for a cleaner glimpse. Plus, they could metal-detect right through the acrylic without the hassle of water.

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