Chisel and Pestle found 10/31/2020 Happy Halloween


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Apr 15, 2009
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Its early in the season here, and I scouted some of my fields today Oct 31 2020. Only one was started to be plowed and that appeared to have been interrupted by the rains Thursday. The tractor left in the field. Most of the crops are in, with only a few still to be brought in. I passed two fields where the combines were rolling and corn was being unloaded.

So I decided to check out my cousins farm on the way home and maybe get into the woods and cut down a few trees for firewood. Fifteen minutes later when I got to my cousins, I saw the field had been plowed but not too deep with a lot of stubble still visible.

I was still tired and sore from cutting down, bucking and logging two trees Friday evening and moving in slow motion. A rough field would be hard on me. His field looked ok and do-able.

I spoke to my cousin who was working on his deer hunting outfit and hit the field. Since I had limited energy I headed for the hotter location in the field. While I have found points on various knolls, the hotter location has produced a nice pestle, the broken kirk and many other points both broken and whole.

While walking over I was in scan mode and thinking about relics I may find. I was thinking hardstone would be nice, the tip to the kirk would be good, or a banner. I felt good about the banner, maybe that would be it today.

Fifteen minutes later I was in the zone in serious relic scan mode. Typically I think about all sort of nutty things when in the field hunting. I had gotten down to the low area of a knoll and turned back around up and saw what I knew was a relic. I was hoping for a banner of some sort.

I took some photos and pulled out a nice chisel.

It was to be the fourth chisel in my collection but the very first I have found in over fifty years of hunting and collecting.

It has minor use damage to a side and a few minor plow strikes. For me, its a pretty welcome find.

I walked up the ridge and started back down instead of heading over to the other ridge were many points have been found. Remembering the Carr Hardstone Rule which I adhere to, I headed back down the same ridge in a pattern to cover all the area.

Just above where the chisel was found I popped out a nice pestle. Not a lot of polish or any dimple on the bottom, but a good pestle shape with many peck marks still visible. Once again the Carr Hardstone Rule was found to be true.

I walked another number of passes, munching on some pistachio nuts, found a nice flake scraper about a half hour later.


Walked some more and wearily headed back out my truck.

I thought I came up on a large ax.
Bummer but it was a fooler, no groove. But what size!

One must keep enough energy to make it back out of the field when you have to walk a ways in mud.


A good day in the field. A first for me with a chisel.

Field conditions: Damp and semi-smooth, plenty of stubble
Weather: Sunny with few clouds, windy mid 50s

in 11:45
out 14:00
3 miles walked
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Apr 30, 2009
Cornfield, IN
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Awesome chisel! That bit has some nice polish. Pestle is great too... be safe felling and cutting. The ash have tons of widow-makers and are getting unpredictable by now... some of the boles are getting punky and weak.

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Aug 15, 2020
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What a great hunt and story, i appreciate the effort, post and pics. (Nice grabs ) we don’t get much of a chance at hard stone.


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Mar 2, 2013
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Yeah, great Finds, and good call...! :icon_thumright:


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Apr 20, 2020
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Excellent finds, just like H.P. said we don't get much of a chance at hard stone in areas that the Mosquito is the state bird.


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Oct 29, 2010
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I know I sound like an echo, but that chisel rocks!

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