Christo Cola Bottle Info ?


Charles,Oak Island


The clear bottle in the front is a Christo Cola Bottle from Wilmington, NC (probable date 1910-1915) Does anyone have any info on this company ? The Green Bottle just for color is a Congress Water, the other two are just a coupe of old pottery bottles. All found in the Cape Fear River in 5 to 30 ft of water.

Christo Cola bottling Co began in Richmond VA.

Got a time frame ?

Christo Bottling Company began in Richomnd VA. ?I have attempted to research more info on Christo Bottling Co over the web but have not been able to fInd out about the history of the company itself. ?The bottle you have is a blown in mold type onion type. ?There are also straight side christos that date the same appx 1906-1910. ?Later the company made Christo Gingerale before going out of business this was around ther 30's ? ?I say this because the later bottles were machine made. ?I would be interested in talking more with you about this type bottle If you have time. ?I collect these bottles. ?(See attachments of examples)

attachments did not show up. email them to me thanks

still no go. send them to me by email

This site keeps hosing up on me everytime I try to post a memo with attached files. Send me an email to [email protected] and I will reply with files attached.

I may have to break down and put mine on ebay after that.

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