Civil war collection hidden away for 50 years


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Jan 8, 2013
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Yeo be a fun collection to go through. So many collections get left with relatives that have no idea what they are seeing.

Just an amazing amount of relics & we saw no buttons or few & coins .

The Man preserved the relics very nicely & I wonder if they had locations they were found in as well .

Many would say ' What's the worth ' ? A reasonable ? but many are priceless .

Like the Man said ,"one could start hunting now , for 50 years & never find a percentage of what was there .

Now I need to finish cleaning an Iron Butt Plate & a few trigger parts that are 90% done before I forget where in the Atlanta Campaign I found them .

It also shows when we go , we ain't taking nothin with us & I can only hope my 'Few' finds will be respected & used as a memory to those who used them Died , Suffered & made history in our great country .


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