Confederate Gold #1

Jun 5, 2023
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Dykstra and Company were semi close but no Cigar on the last campaign in April and May 1865. They were tunneled in on the Union and not the South. Of course Jeff Davis had a few dollars with him in gold and silver and he knew he would be captured. Dykstra was close on Box Cars but none getting close to Michigan.

1865 roads really were bad, wheels narrow on wagons and it was the rain season. The dumbest thing that I have heard on this is they were hoarding in Richmond and were too stupid to move the Treasury? How could you move a Treasury if Richmond was surrounded or allow Jefferson Davis out? Once you were bribed there was nothing holding you back for second reward.

The only way you could move heavy weight was by rail. Rails in Confederacy were operated by less than 20 men, and if you were heading west it was not to a boat in Florida. The Confederate Gold was diminishing through Georgia and there was a place in Alabama where it was redistributed. Union Army tried to get it back but it was gone. The Union Army had two occupation forces in Selma until 1869 roving looking for it. It seems the death of one man near Selma had the US Army 33rd and 15th reassigned.

The death of that man was the son of a Senator, Judge, Solicitor General of the Treasury. and was on the General Staff of the CSA Quarter Master for Alabama. This mas also controlled all the Landowners, Merchants, crooks and criminals along the the river banks of the Tombigbee River.

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