DIY Gold Pump Sniping Attachment Used On Waterfall Crevices


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Mar 24, 2015
England, UK
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Minelab X-Terra 705
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Hi guys, here's my latest video showing how I managed to make a sniping attachment for my manual gold pump out of bits I had lying around while away on a prospecting trip. The attachment worked great, allowing me to snipe and snuffer out material from cracks and crevices behind a waterfall as I could follow the cracks and crevices of the waterfall bedrock wall and snuff out the material with this attachment when I felt the nozzle fall into a crack/crevice.

Just goes to show what you can make with 5 minutes and a few bits lying around which can turn a piece of equipment in to a totally different material grabbing beast as there would have been no way for me to clear out these cracks and crevices without such an attachment.

I hope you like the video and if you do, check out my YouTube channel as I have made and uploaded over 25 different prospecting and recovery videos now and always subscribe to my YouTube channel as there will be regular updates to the channel when I get a chance to get out in the field and make more :)

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Great video, I hope that it found you some nice gold in those cracks. :)

I'm hoping so too, I put everything it collected in my con's bucket which I've still got to pan out

Thanks for posting that video! Your design has me thinking about what's lying around in my garage, and how I can improve on a hand sucker tube design that currently isn't working so well.
Let us know what kind of gold you found once you pan out those cons, please.

- Brian

Cheers, will do however as all my con's are mixed together from that trip, I won't know if I snuffed anything out those cracks or not, but not retrieving the material at all is certainly not going to get any gold so I hope I was lucky. It's amazing what you can put together with spare bits lying around if you have a goal or objective you want to complete, I wanted to snuff out behind the waterfall so made sure I could put something together to do the job (and it survived long enough to clean the cracks out before the bottle started collapsing due to the suction pressure)

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