Do blowers need to be grounded?


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Jun 14, 2004
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That seems logical to have it connected to the ground but never gave it much thought till now. Maybe a question for the guys at Treasure Coast Scoops.

Robert in SC


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May 20, 2004
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It is my understanding that you do not have to ground the blowers. Corrosion takes the path of least resistance, and the installation of Zinc Sacrificial Anodes will significantly decrease corrosion. However, the Zincs should be replaced regularly, and at least annually depending on degradation of the Zinc.


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Oct 2, 2004
If the zincs look in good shape "THEY ARE NOT WORKING".

The zincs are there to protect the material they are attached to. They
MUST have a good mechanical/electrical mounting system. The contact
area between the zinc and the material it is mounted to must be clean.
Welding the zinc mounting tabs makes a good connection.

If the zincs have to be replaced they are working.

DO NOT wire brush the outside surface of the zincs as this will coat
the outside surface with another metal which stops the zinc from
working. Clean the zincs with sandpaper and remove all marine growth.

Seawater and aluminum don't work together at all. It makes a great
battery when working with the attaching hardware.

Don't paint aluminum with any bottom paint containing copper as
you are making a battery. There is special paint to be used with


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