Does anyone know what type of button this is? Age?

Dylan Wheeler

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Jul 10, 2022
Northeastern Pennsylvania
Detector(s) used
Nokta Gold Kruzer
Vanquish 440

I hunting at a playground near ”Walking Purchase“ land north of Bethlehem, Pa. The site was a fort during the 7 years war, it served as a refuge for settlers who were under attack. The last documented raid was 1763.

I found the button a few hundred feet from a round ball. Any help identifying the button would be appreciated! I’m assuming it’s more modern than the ball because of the crimped reverse.

Not sure of the material it’s made from. I’m using a Nokta GK, target ID was 81-83 copper-ish/pull tabville. Solid hit though, no mineralization on the meter.


30CAE225-6EA0-4006-AEDD-BC9F74414E14.jpeg 8924D773-0233-4F0C-BEE5-1B0DEA7DE1D4.jpeg

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