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May 11, 2018
Crawfordsville, IN
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Garrett Ace 400, Equinox 600
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Metal Detecting

Feel like I should share the history with you all on this incredible gentleman. I was lucky enough to detect the property he practiced at. We found old doctor tools, old Abe Lincoln campaign tokens, and of course my 1897 Morgan silver dollar. Thank you Dr, 😊

My favorite metal detecting moments are when I know the history of the place I’m detecting. I just can’t explain it 😂

Unfortunately the family who owns his old House property went a little mad and told everyone to stay out because of ongoing solar field disputes in this area. I feel pretty confident we found everything significant. Trying to preserve some history in my area. I do have a photo of his house and doctors office from the 1878 plat book. I will upload it when I get around to it.


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