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Mar 12, 2014
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Hi all,

I bought a Gold Bug Pro a few months ago because I read that it was tailored to highly mineralized areas like the East Fork river. I've been there a few times but have found only trash; I've looked on the inside bends, on the banks, in the middle of the river, etc., with no luck. I Have found hundreds of bobby pins, strangely enough, millions of beer bottle caps littering every inch of the river, and foil. As you all know, the area is completely trashed. The only tantalizing thing I found was an old-fashioned square nail, that may be a piece of the original Eldoradoville that was washed away. Has anyone had any better luck with a detector in that area, and if some where? Thanks for any info you can share.


Jon...I dont know if anyones going to give up their hotspots in a trashy area. Any parks or beachs around the area. Check out some old maps and maybe find you an old homestead or something. I do a lot of research on old maps online, trying to find those spots that no detector has been over. Check out some old maps online of the area your hunting. It's amazing what you will find.


I too have a Gold Bug Pro. For the past 30 years I have been poking around in the East Fork. My most recent finds were posted on this site a few months ago. The Standing Liberty quarters were found on two separate trips. First trip was by accident sluicing. Second trip I came back with my metal detector and found two more. Going back for more at a later date. For someone to carry around four quarters one hundred years ago in their pockets was probably not the case. I believe they were buried with who knows what else. I intend to find more from the same location. The 10k bracelet is old and weighs in at 10.2 grams. A lot in this canyon with tons of history. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg


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