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  1. Metal detecting in Spain.. Catalonia/Barcelona?

    As I understand the laws and rules might be different from area to area and where I live it´s not allowed to go hunting with a detector on the beaches in Sitges, Barcelona due to the high amount of ancient coins on the beaches and they don't want tourists to grab them.. and are better where they...
  2. Metal Detecting For The Purple Gang Cache

    Legend has it, Detroit’s Purple Gang, used to be in the area and possibly hid some goods where we went Metal detecting. My friend Eric invited me out to his In-Laws to search for some relics and hopefully unearth some Purple Gang treasure! Owen went to hunt too!

    Found Iron Case or Box near Stagecoach Trail (Applegate Trail). 1850-1870? Super cool find, as a case like this to just be abandoned without a station nearby, most likely denotes a potential robbery or attempted robbery. I am currently searching area for more clues! ⚒️💰 I have uploaded my...
  4. School-Farm with James

  5. Post the most random things you have found while out in the middle of the woods 🌲 🌲 🌲

    Starting this thread for those random things you have come across while out in the middle of the woods. Stuff that just doesn’t belong there. Could be stuff growing into trees, massive sites out of place, random people you came across in the middle of nowhere, vehicles, homemade structures or...
  6. Metal Detecting Gettysburg Farm Campground Dover, PA

    Drove my family from MI to PA to meet up with our friends, the Alonzi Family, for a few days at the Gettysburg Farm Campground. We went to the GB museum and toured some of the sites. Loved it. I also got to do some detecting on the campground. Had a great trip! Metal Detecting Gettysburg Farm...
  7. Sheath giveaway & some fun USA only

  8. First Hunt, SILVER SCORE

    First hunt this year!! Haven't been detecting for a long time. So pumped that my first night out was a success!! Any guess on age for this vintage looking silver ring? And what about this button? Please comment if you have info. Thanks!
  9. Extremely Rare 1830's South Carolina Nullification Cuff Button!

    I was lucky over the weekend and dug my second 1830's South Carolina Nullification Cuff Button. Not too many of these are known to exist so, I'm super excited to have dug 2 in 10yrs of metal detecting. Thanks for looking!
  10. Best Headphones for Nugget Detecting

    What are your go to Headphones for Nugget Detecting ? I'm looking to upgrade and wanted to know what everybody use's Thanks, Jeff
  11. You Tube Ads Rumble Off

  12. History Saved at an 1850 home in NC

  13. 9x6 LG 24 ordered on the way!

  14. Double Silver Score!

    Hello! Been AGES since I've posted. Scored 25 cent silver spoon at a thrift store. Possibly 2 silver ones. Can anyone help me identify the small Dutch one? Is it silver or not? Has markings but not sure. I know the other is (even though it looks goldish for some reason) because it says Sterling...
  15. The "Iron Field" in Belgium, 28-29 December, 2022.

    Hey all, First post on this forum of my first and last 'hunt' of 2022. I stumbled across a field with unusual crop marks. A two-day search followed in an attempt to find out more about this place. The results were somewhat disappointing. A pile of iron (lots of UO's - Unidentified objects -)...
  16. 6” Legend MOD cheap and easy

  17. Let’s explore new permission for next years spring hunt

  18. What I do in the off season , hobby of mine

  19. Last hunt of 2022 Apex ,Legend

  20. Adolph want to find my bottle dump