metal detecting

  1. 9x6 LG 24 ordered on the way!

  2. Double Silver Score!

    Hello! Been AGES since I've posted. Scored 25 cent silver spoon at a thrift store. Possibly 2 silver ones. Can anyone help me identify the small Dutch one? Is it silver or not? Has markings but not sure. I know the other is (even though it looks goldish for some reason) because it says Sterling...
  3. The "Iron Field" in Belgium, 28-29 December, 2022.

    Hey all, First post on this forum of my first and last 'hunt' of 2022. I stumbled across a field with unusual crop marks. A two-day search followed in an attempt to find out more about this place. The results were somewhat disappointing. A pile of iron (lots of UO's - Unidentified objects -)...
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  12. Garrett Ace Apex Interview with Gypsy Jewels

    Hi everyone 😊 I have a new article published over on Focus Speed. Gypsy Jewels if Zero Discrimination answered question about the Garrett Ace Apex. I hope you have some time to read it. Thanks for the support. Happy hunting ✌🏼❤️😊🍀 Nicole...
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  14. Boat launch and disgusted

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  18. Silver engagement ring in the swim area!

    Fam and I went swimming and I brought the gear, naturally 😉, and did some metal detecting in the water. About chest-high in, I got a high-70s signal coming through clearly. A few scoops later and I had a sparkler in the scoop! Still have to test to see if the rocks are diamond, but either way...
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