Equinox 800 default beach setting ground balance 0


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Feb 16, 2014
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Equinox 800, Whites Dual Field PI
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All Treasure Hunting
This setting works fine at a lot of sugar sand beaches like in Florida and Australia. I've been relying on the default Beach 1 & 2 settings only changing recovery speed, F2 setting and some advanced settings for a few years now. I always noise cancel at the start and again if I change the sensitivity. I have found coins and I dig all non ferrous targets.At one beach on the ocean,East facing,side there is Black Sand. Some places the black sand completely covers the area other places it is spread out but probably there is a certain % of black sand EVERYWHERE. I would go there often as it is the closest (to my house) National Seashore beach that is maintained by the Town of Orleans not the Federal Government National Park Service. I was never able at this beach to set the sensitivity above 18 without it becoming unstable so I just figured that's the best I can expect. Being retired, I have nothing better to do at night than read posts on different metal detecting forums and watch Utube videos of the Nox 800 and all the popular detectors out there. I might get a part time job just to earn enough money to buy the XP Deus ll and use that for water hunts. I"m not gonna drown the Nox again. On one site the discussion was about the Ground Balance for the Equinox. Most agreed that the default setting 0 worked fine for them in their area in Beach 1 & 2 but a few said they always do an automatic ground balance and enable Tracking. Yesterday I went back to Nauset Beach, Noise cancelled,did a ground balance with Tracking and started digging quarters,dimes,nickels and pennies some down over a foot deep. I was also able to set the sensitivity to 22. Wow! what a dramatic difference. From now on I will ground balance and enable tracking whether I'm at the Bay, Nantucket Sound or Nauset Beach. For pond hunting I'll try GB 0 and try automatic ground balance,tracking on and off to see what works better. I put some Black Sand in a zip lock bag, brought it home to dry out. I put it in a paper plate and held a magnet against the paper plate underneath and sure enough I was able to drag the black sand using the magnet. I guess this would explain why I was not finding much at this beach using Default GB setting 0 in Beach 1 & 2

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