Excalibur 2 falsing problem.


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Jul 12, 2007
Palm Bay,Florida
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Hi All.I sent my Excalibur 2 in for repair this Summer and they replaced the coil.I hadn't kept the sand from between the coil and coil cover,often enough,so the coil developed leaks and had to be replaced.The repair cost $297.00 . After I got the detector back,I put a spray-on coating on the coil to protect it from wear.It worked well for a while,then the detector started falsing in the water and wet sand.Sometimes,it falses at the extreme end of each swing,both left and right.I hunt Cocoa Beach mostly and we have had a lot of erosion and sanding in.I don't know if it's the detector or the beach conditions? Has anyone else had any falsing problems hunting this beach with the Excalibur 2? Thanks in advance.

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Dec 30, 2008
Maryland Waters
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I agree the user manual is severely lacking, have you tried any of the books by CJC? He does an excellent job of explaining
Jason is correct, CJC has a new book out with a audio CD.. well worth having, special if you are having issues. Explains every detail of the xcalibur, and the CD is excellent....30 minutes, also different settings in the book along with hunting tip once you hit the beach. Where are you located? SirGlala OBN0004.jpg OBN0005.jpg

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