A spin down the lane and then on the bay - some targets and hunters today-surfchurch


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Nov 24, 2005
va beach, va
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Sailed down to nada for SurfChurch this fine Sunday morning.

Man there were some new parishioners in attendance today : - )

Good thing no one wanted to pass the collection plate today – it would have been bleak.

FirstI ran into Jim Getlife – Jim, hope I got that correct, I had know of Jim from others who would say they saw jim, but I have never met jim until today and heis a local fellow – maybe 20 or 30 miles to the west kinda.

Nice meeting you today Jim – see you soon.


Then I see a new fellow north bound with the biggest scoop I have EVER SEEN. – we passed at a distance and soon I ran into two more hunters – Jay and Adam and after a short conversation they told me the other fellow was with them and his name was John. Later on I ran back into them and got to meet john – they said they were all from up near old button digger Tex’s location, so I guess they hunt the dirt most of the time.

Nice meeting Jay, Adam and John – see you in the lane again one day.

On my way home as I crossed the bridge, I noticed the home of gray matter was dried out, so I went home and got my buddy and we sailed back there for about 1hour.

It was a great day to be spinning – hope the weather holds for 1 more day – I like hunting in shorts and flip flops : - )

See you Monday – good luck = vid is like16Mins. today







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