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Dec 11, 2016
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My first time posting in this group, I'd earlier posted along this line in the general forum, I think this forum is a better place to ask.

The dilemma I'm dealing with right now and have spent a whole lot of time looking for answers I have solved but it's just too bulky to be practical and I need a handheld GPS that does the same and uses replaceable batteries, to be convenient.

Here is what I found that does exactly my needs:
At home I use Google Earth Pro (GEP), go to the historic view and use a winter map, one with no snow and no leaves on the trees. Pick out a spot that is of interest and that is my target. I recently installed GPS Waypoints Navigator on my Android and can input any number of waypoints, name them and put them in a folder of my choice. I manually enter the coordinates from GEP in a folder devoted to where I'm interested in. The direction needle points and I know which way to go, it even gives the option to have driving directions using the coordinate & that'll get me close with the car, the needle will point me the rest of the way to the target. It integrates all the smartphone features it needs to give me what I want & o'course, a touch screen.

To the good, it also allows me to have a satellite view of google maps which is different than GEP. To the bad, it shows the image with trees with foliage and uses those fake trees that Google now uses. Another to the bad, the GPS from a phone isn't as accurate as from a designated GPS device.

I want a satellite map with bare trees like I had at home with GEP & historic view. Once I get where I'm going, I might want to explore to another spot in the general site, I can't recall photographs perfectly and can't waypoint everything and remember the exact thing from GEP I waypointed if I have 20 waypoints.

So what would work (assuming I'm in cell range) is bring a tablet with GEP using the historic view, tether it to my cell, use the tablet to search out in real time where I next need to go, import the coordinates to the GPS App in my phone and go there.

That will work 100% but it's just too much to bring along and my cell sucks power badly so using the cell app is OK but I'll need to bring a battery cell charger with me and it's still not going to be as accurate as say a Garmin designed for better accuracy.

The problem with the Garmin is I see nothing that will give me those fall maps and taking a satellite subscription, I have to take what they give me. Looking at their topo maps, that's not the answer. Maybe the hunting map but, I can't get a visual what that looks like in close-up. On their purchase page it doesn't look like a late fall satellite view.

So has anyone found a handheld GPS device that provides you with a late fall satellite view and allows you to zoom in to see clearly what's on the ground & create a waypoint of that exact location? We've all got so much to carry already and I have trouble walking already, I don't want to have to bring a tablet & charger everywhere I go just to detect the way I want.


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